Perfect Money

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Best Perfect Money Binary Options brokers

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About Perfect Money

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, with additional offices in Hong Kong, Perfect Money positions itself as a unique online payment solution, distinct from popular services such as PayPal and Western Union, as well as its rivals like WebMoney, Skrill, and Payeer.

Perfect Money offers users the convenience of an e-wallet, allowing them to hold balances in US dollars, euros, bitcoins, and even gold. This multifaceted service facilitates not just deposits and withdrawals but a wide spectrum of financial activities.

Signing up with Perfect Money is straightforward, with basic details being enough to initiate an account. However, to unlock its comprehensive set of features and bypass certain restrictions, account verification is essential. This involves submitting valid ID proof and answering a phone call post-registration.

Depositing funds can be accomplished through traditional bank wire transfers or a comprehensive list of approved exchange partners, accessible on the Perfect Money website.

One of Perfect Money’s standout features is its ability to accept payments directly to the e-wallet, eliminating the need for a bank account. Moreover, it introduces e-vouchers for those looking to transact without involving banks.

While Perfect Money charges a 5% service fee for internal currency transfers, users might also incur additional costs based on prevailing exchange rates. Yet, for those on-the-go, the official Perfect Money app for iOS and Android ensures that all features are accessible without the constant need to login via a web browser.

Benefits and drawbacks of Perfect Money

What are the pro and cons of using Perfect Money to deposit money to your binary options broker

Using Perfect Money for depositing funds into a binary options account comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a breakdown:


  1. Ease of Use: Perfect Money’s interface is user-friendly, allowing for straightforward transactions without extensive financial knowledge.
  2. Diverse Currency Options: Perfect Money supports multiple currency balances, including US dollars, euros, bitcoins, and gold, providing flexibility to traders.
  3. Global Accessibility: Perfect Money is available in many countries, ensuring that traders from various regions can utilize its services.
  4. Instant Transfers: Transactions are processed in real-time, enabling traders to fund their binary options accounts almost instantly.
  5. Security: With a multi-tiered security structure, including identity verification and encrypted transactions, Perfect Money provides a secure environment for financial activities.
  6. No Bank Account Needed: Traders can deposit funds directly to their binary options accounts without the need for linking a bank account, simplifying the deposit process.
  7. Mobile App: The availability of a mobile app allows for easy deposits on the go.


  1. Service Fees: Perfect Money charges a 5% fee for internal currency transfers, which can add up for frequent traders or large transactions.
  2. Exchange Rate Variability: If traders need to convert currencies, they may be subject to exchange rate fluctuations, which could impact the amount deposited.
  3. Account Verification: While registration is straightforward, the verification process might be cumbersome for some users, and unverified accounts face certain restrictions.
  4. Limited Acceptance: Not all binary options brokers accept Perfect Money as a payment method. Traders need to check if their chosen platform supports it.
  5. Regulatory Concerns: Perfect Money’s primary registration in Panama and its operations in jurisdictions with varying financial regulations might raise concerns among some traders regarding its oversight and transparency.

In conclusion, while Perfect Money offers numerous advantages for depositing funds into a binary options account, potential users should be aware of its limitations and assess its suitability based on their specific needs and circumstances.