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Binary options are a new type of financial instrument that allow you to earn a lot of money in a short amount of time. Binary options allow you to benefit from the underlying movement in the market. Investing in binary options allow you to earn much higher returns than you would if you just invested in the market. They can be a seen as method to leverage your positions to earn higher returns while investing smaller amount of money. It is possible to earn several hundred percent a day while investing in binary options.

binary optipnIt is very unlikely that you are going to be able to earn several hundred percent a day consistently over time. To do this you would have to be able to predict the market almost perfectly. Something that is almost impossible to do. It is however possible to consistently earn high single and low double digit returns each day. To be able to do this you will need know how to manage your risk well and how to use your investment bankroll effectively.

On this website we are going to share all our secrets that have made us successful binary option traders. If you follow our guidelines and stay disciplined then you to will be able to become a successfully trader able to make a living from binary options.

Good brokers

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  • Minimum deposit: 250
  • Payout: 91%
  • Mobile Trading: Yes
  • Minimum deposit: 200
  • Payout: 70%
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  • Mobile Trading: Yes
  • Minimum deposit: 250
  • Payout: 81%
  • Mobile Trading: Yes
  • Minimum deposit: 200
  • Payout: up to 95%
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  • Mobile Trading: Yes
  • Minimum deposit: 200
  • Payout: 85% (91% VIP)

What are Binary Options

Binary options are financial instruments that only have two possible outcomes. Either they mature in the money and you gain a good return or they mature outside the money and you lose your entire investment. This is why they are called binary options, the outcome is binary, you win or you lose. Other names include all or nothing options and digital options.

Binary options are always based on an underlying financial instrument. The movements of the underlying instrument will decide whether or not the binary option will mature in the money or not. Your goal as an investor is to be able to predict which options that will mature in the money and invest in those while avoiding investing in options that mature outside the money.

You can read more about binary options and how they work here.

What to think about before investing in binary options

Binary options are high risk investment. You always risk to lose your entire investment every time you buy a binary option. You should never invest a large part of your portfolio in binary options. We recommend that you use no more than 5% of your total invest-able assets to trade binary options. This way you limit your loses if you are unsuccessful. If you on the other hand is successful then 5% will be more than enough to give you a good return and for you to make a good living.

It is important to know that trading in binary options in many ways have more in common with poker and sports betting than it does with other types of investment. You can learn a lot about how to be a successful binary options trader from poker and punting books.

We owe a lot of our success from our past experiences as poker players and would not have been able to create the successful system that we have developed if did not have the background we do. The same qualities that make a successful poker player also make a successful trader.

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How to trade with binary option

buysellTo be able to trade with binary options you will need to register an account with an binary option broker. A binary option broker works a lot different from a stock broker. They do not facilitate the trade between different traders. They create the binary option and take the opposite position. They earn money when you lose money and they lose money when you earn money. In many ways they are more similar to a sorts book or a casino than a broker.

All binary options are designed to give the broker an edge and make sure that they make money over time. You will always need have a hit rate of more than 50% to be able to earn money from binary options.

Most people who trade with binary options lose money. This does however not mean that you cant earn money. Good traders can earn a lot of money. Once again you can look at poker for a good analogy. Most poker players lose a lot of money but the good ones earn a lot of money,

This is the reason that a lot of people call binary option a scam. It take skill to be successful. It is a lot easier to call binary option a scam than it is to admit that you are an unsuccessful (bad) trader.

Choosing a broker

There are a lot of different brokers that offer you the opportunity to trade with binary options. All of them are similar but different in important areas. They offer different types of binary options. They also focus on binary options based on different types of financial instruments. You should always try to find a broker that offer a large selection of binary options based on the type of financial instrument that you know most about. If you like stocks, you should choose a broker that offer a lot of options based on stocks. If you on the other hand prefer currencies or commodities than you should focus a broker that offer a large selection of binary options based on these types of financial instruments.

You should always choose a broker that has a good reputation among traders. On this site you will find reviews of good trustworthy brokers. It can be good to contact a account manager before you register at a broker. The speed and professionalism of their reply can tell you a lot about the quality of the service they offer.

You should always choose a licensed broker. Good licenses include licenses from Malta or Cyprus.