With this broker, you can use binary options to speculate on forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks and indices. There is a wide range of underlying assets and products to chose among, and binary options running from 5 seconds to 4 hours.

Trading binary options at Pocket Option is commission free and you get access to three different trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5) and the proprietary Pocket Option platform. Both MetaTrader and Pocket Option have also developed mobile trading apps for touch-screen smartphones and tablets, so you no longer need to do your trading at your desktop computer if you don´t want to.

Pocket Options is based in the Marshal Islands. This broker accepts a wide range of transaction methods, including Bitcoin Payments, and does not charge deposit and withdrawal fees.

Leverage is available, but you will not get negative account balance protection.

Try out Pocket Option with a free Demo Account

You don´t have to buy a pig-in-a-poke with Pocket Option. In order to check out what this broker has to offer and how the various platforms work, you can sign up for a free Demo Account and they will fill it with $10,000 in play-money. You don´t have to make a first deposit or verify your identity to get a free Demo Account and the process for signing up is very quick and easy as long as you have an email address. If you run out of your $10,000 in play-money, contact the Pocket Option customer support for a re-fill.

  • Using a free Demo Account is a great way to try out the binary options and learn how they work.
  • You can use the Demo Account to see which platform you like best. Maybe you realize you want to use one platform for one strategy and another platform for another? With a Pocket Option account, it is easy to switch back and forth.
  • You can use the play-money to test run trading strategies that you are interested in and see how they play out. Some strategies sounds great in theory, but need a lot of fine-tuning when you put them into reality.
  • With play-money, you can learn how the various tools work without risking a penny of your own real cash.

Trading platforms

With you Pocket Option account, you get access to three trading platforms. Two of them are from the MetaTrader family of platforms, while the third one is Pocket Option´s own proprietary platform.

The two MetaTrader platforms are the famous MT4 and MT5. These are independent third-party platforms utilized by many different brokers. (An advantage with learning how to use one or both of them is that it makes it very easy to move to another broker if you want to in the future – or sign up with an additional broker – without having to learn how to use a new trading platform.) MT4 and MT5 are large and extensive platforms with a multitude of tools and features, including a lot of support for automated trading and technical analysis. MT4 is chiefly used by forex traders, while MT5 was developed for a wider range of assets.

With the MT4 and MT5, you decide yourself if you want to download and install the platform on your desktop computer or if you prefer to do your trading in the browser window. There are also apps available for iOS and Android touch-screen devices.

The proprietary Pocket Options platform

The proprietary Pocket Options platform is not as extensive and feature-rich as the MT4/MT5 platforms. For many beginner traders, this feels more comfortable. It is not unusual for binary options traders to start with the proprietary platform and then move over to MT4 or MT5 when they want more tools for technical analysis, use price alerts, etc.

The proprietary Pocket Options platform is only accessible in your browser window. You can not download and install the software on your computer.

There is an app available for download for mobile touch-screen devices (smartphones and tablets). There is one for iOS and another one for Android.

Account types

There is only one account type available at Pocket Option for real-money trading. This means that even if you only do the smallest permitted $50 first deposit, you get access to the same account type as everyone else, including all the tools and the full range of binary options.

For some traders, this is great, because they don´t need to worry about picking the optimal account type for their trading strategy. For others, it is a downside, because they want a specific type of trading account and those are not available at Pocket Option.

Special Account Types

Ethical Investments Account: No

Islamic / Muslim / Sharia / Halal Account: No

ECN Account: No

Demat Account: No

DMA Account: No

LAMM Account: No

MAM Account: No

PAMM Account: No

STP Account: No

Binary options

What is the smallest possible trade?

The smallest possible trade with Pocket Option is just $1. You don´t need to be a trader with deep pockets to trade binary options with this broker.


Binary options are available with an expiry time from 5 seconds to 4 hours.

Are ladder binary options available?

No, Pocket Option does not offer ladder binary options.

Are boundary binary options available?

No, Pocket Option does not offer boundary binary options.

What is the commission on binary options trading at Pocket Option?

Pocket Option does not charge a commission.


The payout will depend on various factors, so always check the binary option you are interested in before making a decision. Generally speaking, the binary options with the highest payout at Pocket Option are the ones where the underlying asset is shares in a well-known company, such as Apple or MacDonals. For such binary options, the payout rate can exceed 90%.

The forex binary options with the highest payouts at Pocket Option are the ones were the underlying asset is the most frequently traded currency pairs in the world. For them, is is fairly common with payouts in the 85-89% range.

Underlying assets and products

The four main categories for underlying assets and products for binary options at Pocket Option are forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, stock indices and commodities.


There are over 30 different forex pairs to chose from, including majors, minors and exotics.


Binary options are available for over 30 different cryptocurrencies. This means that in addition to famous ones like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, you can also speculate on less well-known ones such as Chainlink (LINK).


The selected shares tend to come from well-known household name companies that are listed at major stock exchanges. You can for instance buy binary options that will give you exposure to the share price of Facebook and Apple. It doesn´t matter if you think the price is about to go up or go down – you can find a suitable binary option for it.


Binary options are available based on stock indices from around the world, such as the S&P 500 (USA), Dow Jones Industrial Average (USA), FTSE (United Kingdom), CAC 40 (France), DAX GER 40 (Germany), and IBEX 35 (Spain).


With the binary options at Pocket Option, it is easy to get exposure to the price of energy commodities and metal commodities. You can for instance speculate on UKBrent oil, USCrude oil, natural gas, silver, gold, palladium, and platinum.

Contracts for Difference (CFDs)

Pocket Option does not offer Contracts for Difference (CFDs).

Trading hours

There is always something available for trade at Pocket Option, but the exact assortment will vary since the various binary options follow the trading hours of the underlying assets or products.

Cryptocurrencies have no breaks in the trading hours and speculating on them is therefore available around the clock, seven days a week.

With forex, the main forex session starts at 21:00 UTC on Sunday evening (when the weekend is over and it is Monday morning in another part of the world) and ends at 21:00 UTC Friday evening. (UTC = Universal Time Coordinated. It is also known as Greenwich Mean Time /GMT, Zulu Time and Z time.)

Outside the main forex session, it is still possible to speculate on certain over-the-counter (OTC) traded currencies.

Is Pocket Option offering leverage?

Yes, leverage is available with this broker.

The maximum leverage is 1:1000.

You will not have Negative Account Balance Protection.

Using leverage adds another element of risk to your trading, so make sure you understand what leverage is and how it works before you make any financial decisions. Just because you are offered 1:1000 leverage for a certain deal doesn´t mean you have to either turn it down or accept the full amount. It might for instance be more in line with your risk-management and trading strategy to just use 1:2 leverage or 1:10 leverage for this particular trade.

Deposits and withdrawals

What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit is $50, which is a bit higher than for some of the competitors in the binary options field. Still, it is within the grasp of most retail traders.

What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal is just $10.

How big is the deposit fee?

Pocket Option doesn´t charge deposit fees.

How big is the withdrawal fee?

Pocket Option doesn´t charge withdrawal fees.

Which transaction methods can I use?

Pocket Option accepts an wide assortment of transaction methods, including both credit/debit cards, bank transfers, wire transfers, crypto transfers, and various e-wallets/e-payment solutions.

Examples of accepted transaction methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Wire transfer
  • Western Union
  • Debit/Credit cards, including MasterCard, VISA and Maestro
  • Bitcoin Payments
  • Ethereum Payments
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • WebMoney
  • ADVcash
  • Cashu
  • Doku Wallet
  • GlobePay
  • JCB Card
  • PayRedeem
  • Perfect Money
  • QIWI
  • Sofort
  • FasaPay
  • Yandex Money

Account currency

USD is the only permitted account currency at Pocket Option.

Customer support

Phone support: +1 (800) 982 1251

Live chat support: The live chat support on the Pocket Option site is open 24/7

Email support: support@pocketoption.com

Ownership and regulation

Pocket Option was founded in 2017 and is owned by the company Gembell Limited. This company is based in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, a small Pacific Ocean island country in the Micronesia region. This is not considered a top-tier regulator when it comes to consumer/retail trader protection.

Pocket Option is a member of the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Centre (IFMRRC). This is not an official regulator or license provider.

Questions and answers

Will I get a welcome bonus from Pocket Option?

The standard welcome bonus from this broker is a 50% bonus on your first deposit.

Sometimes, there will be time-limited promotional campaigns where you can use a special promo code and get a better welcome bonus on your first deposit.

The welcome bonuses come with trading requirement. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions before you accept any bonus. While a huge bonus might seem tempting, it can be difficult for a small-scale trader to fulfil the trading requirement.

Does Pocket Option permit automated trading?

Yes, this broker permits and encourages automated trading. Social trading and Copy trading is also available.

Does Pocket Option offer P2P trading?

No, P2P trading is not available on any of the platforms.

Does Pocket Option offer VPS hosting?

No, Pocket Option does not offer Virtual Private Server hosting.

Is Pocket Option a Market Maker?


Are there any tournaments?

Yes, this broker arranges trading tournaments where traders can compete against each other and win prizes. If you do well, you can earn achievements awards and display them, and achievement awards can also yield various perks, including higher pay-outs.

Tournaments are only available for real-money accounts, not for demo accounts (play-money accounts).


Participate in gem events and you have a change of receiving gems; awards tied to weekend activities. There are green gems, red gems and blue gems up for grabs. Gems can be traded for various perks.