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Best Cheques Binary Options brokers

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About Cheques

A cheque is a written document that directs a bank to transfer a specified sum from the issuer’s account to a designated recipient. It must include the name of the recipient, the exact amount, the date, and the signature of the issuer.

To fund a binary options trading account, traders can fill out a cheque and send it to their broker’s specified address.

Dating back to ancient times, cheques have been in use since the 9th century. Their popularity surged in the 20th century as they provided an alternative to handling cash for payments.

However, with the emergence of debit and credit cards in the 1990s, cheque usage saw a significant decline. From 4 billion cheques in 1990, the number plummeted to fewer than 185 million by 2020. Presently, several nations are either in the process of discontinuing cheques or have already done so.

Yet, for certain transactions like binary options trading, some brokers continue to accept cheques for both deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, the advent of electronic cheques—allowing for deposit through photographing the cheque—has rejuvenated their convenience factor to an extent.

Benefits and drawbacks of Cheques

What are the pro and cons of using Cheques to deposit money to your binary options broker

Using cheques to deposit money into a binary options account comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown:


  1. Security: Cheques provide a paper trail, offering a record of payment that can be useful for verification and dispute resolution.
  2. No Need for Electronic Infrastructure: Cheques don’t rely on electronic systems, making them a good option in areas with unreliable electronic banking infrastructures or for those who aren’t tech-savvy.
  3. Universality: Most banks worldwide recognize and process cheques, making them widely accessible.
  4. No Immediate Deduction: Funds are not immediately withdrawn from an account when a cheque is written, providing a short buffer before the amount is deducted.
  5. Control: Issuers have a level of control and can sometimes stop payment on a cheque if necessary.


  1. Processing Time: Cheques take time to clear. This means that there could be a significant delay between when the cheque is issued and when the funds become available in the binary options account.
  2. Potential Fees: Some banks or brokers might charge fees for processing cheques.
  3. Risk of Bouncing: If the issuer’s bank account lacks sufficient funds when the cheque is cashed or deposited, the cheque will bounce, which could result in additional fees and complications.
  4. Physical Handling: Cheques require physical mailing or delivery, which can be cumbersome and pose risks of getting lost or delayed.
  5. Declining Acceptance: With the rise of electronic payments, not all brokers may accept cheques as a form of deposit.
  6. Forgery and Fraud: There’s a risk of cheque forgery, which could result in financial loss if not detected early.
  7. Environmental Concerns: The production and disposal of paper cheques have environmental implications due to paper usage and waste.

For those considering using cheques to fund a binary options account, it’s essential to weigh these pros and cons, ensure the broker accepts cheques, and be aware of any associated processing fees or conditions.